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10 tips how to sell your apartment profitably

You have decided to sell your apartment or house? No matter for what reason you are doing this - either to buy more spacious housing, or to purchase a smaller house or to relocate to another country, the main question at this stage of your life is how to sell a housing as soon as possible and as profitable as possible. There are a lot of tips and tricks that will help you to increase the price of a housing. First you need to prepare the apartment. This is very important! Clean, well-groomed apartment will attracts more potential buyers. Click here to know how to prepare a condo for sale if you want to sell it quickly and get a decent money. Here are 10 tips from Toronto real estate agents.

1. It is desirable to sell apartment or a house, when it is empty or with a minimal amount of furniture. It will look more spacious.

2. If you are selling an apartment (house) in which you are currently living, try to depersonalize it. Remove family photos, your collection of hobby and interests items.

3. You should not have to make an overhaul, but it is desirable to make cosmetic repairs (including old windows replacement).

4. Take a walk around the apartment with a camera in your hands. Take pictures of all the rooms, and then consider results. This step will help you to notice defects stayed unnoticed in reality. You will find out what items should be removed, cleaned or rearranged so that the apartment look more attractive.

5. If you have pets, you need to take care of specific smell elimination. Besides, the pets should not interfere with viewing the apartment.

6. The air in the apartment must be fresh. You can use any aroma spray, but you need to use it cautiously. It is good to use natural odors - to bake a cake or make a coffee before the arrival of potential buyers. Such smells evoke a sense of comfort.

7. Lighting in the apartment. Besides the mandatory windows replacement, you should wash them well for sufficient day light penetration. This is important if the visit takes place in the afternoon. Do not forget to wash the ceiling and replace burned out light bulbs for a evening visit.

8. Entrance and staircases should be clean. If you are interested in selling the apartment, make sure that the buyer will not go away due to dirty entrance.

9. Do not meet a potential buyer with small children.

10. Prepare to a conversation with the buyer. It is worth to mention all the merits of the apartment (or house), not drawing attention to the shortcomings.

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