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The ecological characteristics of building materials

Recently in the construction sphere there is a marked tendency towards using of environmental technologies that do not harm the environment. For enterprises engaged in production of construction materials, there are imposed severe requirements to comply with environmental safety. And it's not a fad, but a necessity dictated by life itself. Giving preference to environmentally friendly building materials, we are also care about our health and the health of our children.

Despite the fact that information about the degree of environmental friendliness of various building materials is not enough, we all know that some materials are harmless, while others, more or less polluting.

Harmful or environmentally unfriendly construction materials are these materials, in the production of which synthetic materials are used, adversely affecting the environment. Moreover, such production requires greater energy consumption. On the natural self-destruction or recycling of obtained materials can not be anything considered. After use they are thrown into landfills, where they continue to pollute the air and soil.

Here is presented the list of environmentally unfriendly construction materials:
1. Foam produces toxic substances - styrene, which provokes myocardial infarction and venous thrombosis.
2. Linoleum, vinyl wallpaper and decorative film are widely used in building materials, which are responsible for the content of heavy metals in the air. These substances eventually accumulate in the human body and can cause the development of tumors.
3. Paints, varnishes are considered dangerous for health since they contain in their composition of lead and copper, as well as toluene, xylene, cresol, which are drug substances.
4. Concrete is known for its density and strength. Unfortunately due to the density of the concrete hinder the free penetration of air and contribute to strengthening the electromagnetic waves.
5. Reinforced concrete has the same drawbacks as the concrete, but an additional radiation and electromagnetic shields. As a result people living or working in the constructed from such materials homes and offices often suffer from fatigue.
6. Polyvinyl chloride is found in many paints and varnishes. In contact with air, with the assistance of sunlight it decomposes, releasing hydrochloride, which in turn provokes a liver disease and blood vessels.
7. Polyurethane foam in the composition of the dust is bad for the skin and lungs.
But we should always remember that the materials can be not Eco-friendly but not harmful for the people if the maintenance is provided correctly. For example plastic is not a Eco-friendly, but Americanwindows.org vinyl windows in Sandy Springs replacement will get no harm for you and will make your house energy-efficient.

Fortunately, there are other materials whose presence in the room is not only not harmful, but on the contrary has positive effect on physical and mental condition of the person. They are Eco-friendly building materials.

Eco-friendly (environmentally friendly) building materials are materials in the manufacturing process and operation of which the environment does not suffer. They are divided into two types: absolutely Eco-friendly and conditionally Eco-friendly.

Absolutely environmentally friendly building materials are generously presented for us with nature itself. These include wood, stone, natural glue, rubber, cork, silk, felt, cotton, leather, natural linseed oil, straw, bamboo and others. All of these materials have been used by man to build houses for centuries. Their disadvantage is that they do not always meet the technical requirements (insufficient hardy and heat-resistant, heavy in transportation, etc.).

Conditionally ecological building materials include:
• brick
• tile
• roof tiles
• foam concrete blocks
• materials made from aluminum, silicon

Tip: for interior of walls in the room it best suited to use wood or mats of straw, jute, bamboo. In an extreme case use the plaster and wallpapers. If the flooring you are going to choose use parquet or laminate, make sure you note that there a CE mark (means that the material are made according to the European standards).

ach of us the strength to make their standard of living better. According to statistics, people spend most of their time indoors (at work or at home), that is about 75% of the time. Therefore is of great importance, from which materials this room is built. Building their house of ecological materials or using them in interior decoration, we are creating a unique and at the same time a healthy atmosphere.

But everywhere needs to be done with logic and common sence, so if you live in the area where there are severe weather conditions it will be better and economically to install American Choice Alpharetta vinyl window, so your house will be warm and there will be no drafts and you will be paying less money for the energy consumption. Or just using wood to heat your house will be also not practical, because it is much more better to use specialized materials for weatherization.

Josephine Arnold, manager of the construction company gives the detailed review of Eco-friendly building materials, explains where to use them and recommends to find a good http://americanwindows.org/ Roswell replacement window company to provide comfortable atmosphere in your home.

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