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How to improve your house's security

Do you want to protect your home from possible burglary or other property crimes? Learn ways on how you can improve the protection of your home without spending much money. Think like a burglar. Imagine yourself in the place of the robber and think about what methods you used to get to your house. Learn all the vulnerabilities in your system security and access in your home.

Lock all the doors. Even if you grew up in places where it was not customary or simply it was not necessary to lock the doors, you shouldn't underestimate this simple preventive measure. The world has changed, and if you are worried about the safety of your property, always lock the doors and put in residential overhead doors. Close the windows. Windows on the lower floors and sliding doors are easy to open from the outside. Any burglar will not miss the chance to check them whether they are open or not. Lock the balcony door. Never leave the balcony door open at night or when you leave the house. Balconies are free for thieves to provide free access to your home.

Lock up a garage door. Some garages can provide access to the house, so make sure that all the doors from the street to the garage and the garage to the house should be locked. New home - new locks. When you move into a new house, replace all the old locks with new ones, because you may not know that someone can still have copies of keys.

Leave the lights on. When you leave, leave the lights on in a room or buy a special timer that will automatically turn on or turn off the light, depending on your settings. Let the robber 10 times think if he should get into your home or it's better to steer clear of your property. Slide the curtains. Slide the curtains in rooms where you keep expensive things that can entice thieves to get to your house. Inform the police if you notice any suspicious things. You should immediately inform the police if you notice an unfamiliar car, passing by several times a day, near to your house. If you have noticed in a parked car a strange person, or if some unknown van has appeared in front of your house, immediately call the police.

Install lighting in the yard. For any thief it will be more difficult to enter the house and go unnoticed, if all site entrance to the house will be lit. Install an alarm system. If a burglar tries to break into your house, the alarm will go off and stop him from breaking into your house.

Jacob Chambers, manager of a security company, about installation of residential overhead doors in Toronto.

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