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Easy tips to make your home energy-efficient

Nowadays everybody wants to live in a house that generates as much energy as it consumes. Especially it is considered to be rather difficult to build such houses in a climate with warm summers and cold winters. But, certainly, there are some ways to make your dream of an energy-efficient house real and to contribute into development of eco-friendly houses. Here I will list some tips of how to improve your already existing house or the one you only plan to build.

Tip 1. If you are only thinking of building an energy-efficient house, you definitely have to pay a lot of attention to framing techniques. The building code demands 2x4 studs for the home's frame, but if you use a larger 2x6 lumber you will get lots of advantages. For example, such a design provides more space for insulation between the exterior and interior walls. In addition to this, it is to be mentioned that using fewer studs for the framing reduces the cost to build the house; but this is not the only excellence - fewer studs reduces the number of places where unwanted temperature occur.

Tip 2. They say that glass is a poor insulator, but if you get special vinyl windows, it will get you as much insulation as it is required. Of course, those vinyl windows have to be of high quality and it's better if they are dual-pane with a layer of argon between the layers of grass. That will allow you to have lots of light in your home and not to be the listener of any drama outside your castle. So vinyl windows are one more reasonable purchase for the energy-efficient house.

Tip 3. You definitely should buy a furnace and an air-conditioner; but those required are also very special. Both have to be 95 percent efficient; that means 95% of energy the systems consume is converted into warm or cold air. Remember, in our times you can find anything you want so these devices shouldn't be a big surprise for you.

There are still lots of things to advice, but the main tips are listed above. Hope this information was pretty useful for you and wish you not to delay your creating an energy-efficient house and to start changing it even today.

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