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Mortgages in Canada. Help in getting a mortgage for non-residents

We help our clients in obtaining a mortgage to purchase a real estate in Canada. We work with banks and brokerage agencies to provide the best possible rates.

Please note that banks consider each case individually and the decision depends on financial situation of a client, but, as a rule, banks offer to cover 60 - 65% of real estate value.

Standard terms of mortgage loans in Canada:
- Interest rate: 2.7% - 4.2%
- Term of loan: 25 years
- Maximum loan amount: up to 60 - 65% of the real estate object value

We work with all big banks and brokers in Canada: Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto Dominion Bank, Bank of Montreal, CIBC and Scotia Bank.

Almost all the banks have official advertised rate and the rate for friends or special mortgage offer - these rates are usually available only to borrowers with AAA Canadian shiny credit history. But since we provide a significant stream of customers, we are able to get the same special offer rates for non-residents.

Find more information on debts consolidation using home equity loan.

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