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A Must-Have List for the New Place

If you decided to start everything from a blank page or move away from the parent's house there are plenty of things to buy for your new home. You will for sure need many items to be purchased and in a fuss you might forget about the important things so it is very advisable to make a list of must-have things for your new place.


Here you will need a lot of things to buy. If you don't think of it beforehand, with no doubt you will forget many things and have to go to the store over and over again. So here is the list of the most necessary things to avoid the culinary catastrophe:
• Good cookware set (a couple of pans, pots and saucepans to form your first cook wear set);
• Bottles opener (for corks and metal lids);
• Utensils for cooking (big spoon and ladle);
• Cooking mittens.

Living Room

The only important thing for the living room is a sofa (but even without a sofa you can survive during the first couple of month). So, in fact, here you can survive without everything but still there are things to buy for this place to make it comfortable:
• A couple of lamps;
• Table or a small coffee table;
• Some decor;
• A TV with the space for the CDs and DVDs.


Here you might have guessed that the most important is bed and some natural bed sheets to sleep on. But undoubtedly it does not cover all the needs.
• A mirror (full length preferably);
• Lamp for reading;
• Hamper and hangers are not obligatory but they will help you to keep your personal things and clothes in the order.


Bathroom without the following things is like a kitchen without a cook wear set. Do not forget to buy them:
• Plunger - a definite MUST-HAVE!
• Shower curtain and all the connected items.

Sandy Rockfort shares her list of the most important things to buy for your new home and as a house wife wants to ad: "Do not forget about a good cookware set, because without it cooking will become a torture!"

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