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Realtors' tricks: how to prepare a condo for sale

What is it - a repair of the apartment? It is although a short term, but still a headache. Probably, it makes sense to endure it in the case of repairs in a housing, you are going to live in. But is it worth it to suffer all the inconvenience associated with the repair, when you are preparing it for sale? Read more about basic requirements to real estate offered for sale.

There are a few little tricks from Toronto real estate agents, how and when to show an apartment to prospective buyers.

Choose a time If the view from the window is a strong point of your home (in case it opens the panorama of a park, forest, water body or historical monuments), insist on visiting in the daytime and do not hide the windows behind the curtains. If, on the contrary, a view from the windows shows the wall of a neighboring house, the factory buildings and the like, it is not necessary to invite buyers in the afternoon. Twilight behind the window and beautiful curtains will provide much better effect.

Meet a buyer Meet a potential buyer at easy-to-find place: on the subway station, near a large supermarket or cinema - well-known places that any passerby can show. It is not good if a buyer spends too much time to understand the intricacies of streets and numbering of houses: any negative emotion is the enemy of a seller.

Get rid of bad odors If there is a smell of mustiness or animals in your apartment, turn to carpet and upholstery cleaning services or paint something: the smell of a paint indicates that the apartment has been renovated recently. There is always something to refurbish in an old apartment, for example, radiators.

Make a clean-up Potential buyers are attracted by spacious, clean and well-lit apartments. Remove all unnecessary furniture and carpet of the room, but do not throw out everything. Completely empty room creates sometimes an unpleasant sensation. In addition, you should not leave empty cans and boxes in the room. Proper cleaning is a key success factor when selling the apartment.

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