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Protect your house from pests!

So, you are considering yourself a lucky owner of a beautiful house made of wood as it is considered the most eco-freindly material. But do you know that small insects can deprive you of your property. And it is not a joke. These pests are carpenter ants. These insects are widely spread in Canada causing a lot of troubles to residents of Calgary. Therefore, you should carefully examine a house before signing a purchase contract. Read more about the pitfalls awaiting a person tending to buy a house.

How small carpenter ants can destroy a whole house? These harmful pests, despite their small size, make long huge tunnels in the walls and floors of the house and destroy the structure of wood. Their living activity affects detrimentally on the state of walls and floors, so you need to get rid of them immediately after detection.

To get rid of pests you need to find their nest first, you need to lure the ants using some bait (for example, a honey), and then track them straighting to their nests, to find out where they are hiding. Leave a small drop of honey or put some kind of sweet fruit near the place where you think their nest is located. When the ants have taken the bait, track their way back to the nest. Most likely, you will see how they climb in the gap in the wall, cabinet or door. Continue watching over them until you are sure they have reached the location of the nest. If you clearly see an anthill, and it is easily accessible, you can get rid of it by using special insecticides. If the nest is hidden and is hard to reach, you may need to apply a toxic bait. It will take about three days to achieve the effect. Destroy the nests through directed spraying of powder mixtures against insects. This method is effective when you have free access to the anthill to be able to spray the powder directly on the queen and the entire colony of ants. Select the appropriate insecticide and follow the instructions on the packing.

Cindy Norris about professional means and methods allowing to get rid of carpenter ants Calgary and other pesky insects.

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